01…Where has the YEAR GONE?

70 mile out and back, turn around

Geez, it’s been a whole year since we returned from Southeast Asia. We’ve continued to remain active, cycling and lifting weights, 5 or 6 days a week. Cat’s birthday in September is just a week ahead of mine. We cycled 56 miles then celebrated mine with a 70 mile ride to honor my 70 years. We threw a big birthday bash in the midst of that and 130 friends from our pasts showed up. Great fun!

With that we feel like we’re ready to ride THE HEARTLAND!

                                         RAGBRAI or BUST

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  1. Vicki Craig says:

    O M G!! You two are amazing!! CONGRATULATIONS for being in such fab shape to be ready to ride again!!
    As you wind around middle America, is there any chance of coming south to New Orleans area? I’ll meet you there!!!!
    Have missed talking to you Cath . . . funny, had just put you on my short list to send an email to catch up!! How are your M & D? Mine are hanging in. Any word from Robin &/or do you know how to reach her?
    How long will this trip be for your two? Believe it or not, am going to be in La Jolla the last week of July!! I’m guessing you will still be riding?
    Let me know & Good Luck on your latest adventure!! Love, Vicki

    • Pat says:

      GREAT talking with you last night! We MUST see each other and spend a couple of days together (with Robin) sometime. I know this year is out, but perhaps next year? I hope living with Marc works out for you. After all these years I’m sure it will (if it’s what you want). Keep me posted. Have a wonderful time in La Jolla. We should be posting stuff all along this trip so you can keep an eye on us. Love you, Cat

  2. Colleen & Jim says:

    Hi Kids!
    Glad you’re heading our way.
    We’ll keep the light on for ya…
    Have a great trip & we’ll see you when you get to God’s Country!

    • Pat says:

      To heck with the lights, it stays light until midnight in Iowa! Keep the SkiDo and boat idling. Hey, we’re looking forward to seeing you guys and YOUR GOD’s COUNTRY!!!

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