04 Ready, Set, GO!!!

We’re on the final count down. Leaving Friday June 4, 2010 for Burbank, spend the night there then fly out on American Airlines for Dallas on Saturday. Rather than hassle getting bikes to the airport and aboard, we shipped them via UPS. They’ll actually be in Dallas a day before we arrive. Cat has us well organized, we’ve been clearing closets and packing essentials for our tour. Check out the matched luggage in the clothing shot.
We’ll be in Dallas 3 or 4 days. If you’re close by give us a shout.

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  1. Garnett Haubelt says:

    Pat & Cat,

    You have a fantastic web site and I look forward to seeing and talking with you at RAGBRAI. I will pick your brain(s) about riding from San Diego to Charleston, SC, hopefully in 2012.

    I’ll keep the light on for you on FreeWheel Oklahoma.


    • Pat says:

      Fantastic Garnett, we will work on meeting along the TRAIL. For sure we’ll see you in Sioux City and live together for the next 7 days. San Diego to Charleston will be GRAT, I (Pat) did that in 1988. Wonderful beginning to a LONG TRIP.

  2. Pat Herson says:

    Great to hear from you two again! Such an exciting trip coming up, have fun – I know you will.
    Gail Kearns and I have been busy volunteering during the past few months. We worked down at the Sports Arena for the RAM clinic – thousands of people treated gratis by docs, dentists, nurses, acupuncturists, etc. We worked our tails off starting too early in the am’s.
    Then we worked for Gail’s son, Brad, who was running a health and fitness expo in Oxnard – it was a huge success, and once again, we did just about everything, setting up race courses, serving food, running errands and even doing dishes!!!
    Next came another volunteer stint in Auburn, Ca. where Brad organizes an annual world-class triathlon. This time we worked the food tent, feeding the exhausted athletes all day long from 6 am until 6 pm when the last straggling, struggling contestants came in. I think we’ll be doing this next year also. Hard work, but lots of fun talking to triathletes from all over the world.
    Have a fantastic time in the Heartland and across dear old Iowa which Ron and I walked across with 200 Americans and 200 Russians in the scorching summer of 1988.

    • Pat says:

      You two are unbelievable! Conrats on helping starving athletes. Wish you were going to be along our trail. We will need sustanance, too. We’re working on a video of Pat’s ride across the Soviet Union in 1989. He met the Peace Walkers in Philly in 1988. They/You inspired him to push for permisson to become the FIRST AMERICAN to cycle across the Soviet Union. Stay in touch, lets get together when we get back in town, August 15 + or – .

  3. Vicki Craig says:

    Will you have a cell phone along the ride? Email it to me and let’s talk while you’re in Dallas this weekend! (: VC

  4. Glenna Ewing says:

    Hola! Aloha! We met in 2005 on the Amazon River boat from Iquitos to Columbia where you departed. We picked up your replacement computer (for the one stolen) at the artist home on the way. I am the Hawaiian and you have a few photos of me, one drinking wine in the sunset. I was working in Wisconsin, but have been in Des Moines, Iowa for the past 3 years. Des Moines University, where I work, has had a ragbrai team for years. I don’t bike, but my administrative assistant does ragbrai. I am wondering what your plans are after ragbrai, more biking? I am trying to figure out if you will continue on into Wisconsin or? Hope to see you someplace before or after ragbrai? My work phone is 515.271.1352. Hope to hear from you!

    • Pat says:

      Boy-O-Boy wouldn’t that be great to meet in Iowa after our adventure aon the Amazon? We’ll check the map and ponder the possiblities. How have you been? We also heard from Warren Moulds, the Marathoner. He’s in Chicago. We’ll give you a call!! Love the WORLD, and the adventursome peoples, like you, upon her.

  5. Cathy Price says:

    Hi there – guess it must be the year for Texas. Randy and I will just miss you. We are leaving for San Antonio on June 13th. Randy’s sister and her husband live in Harper which is a very tiny town outside San Antonio. I’ve never been to the area and look forward to our trip. I hear they even have some wineiers, Yea! Glad to hear you guys are still cycling. Have a safe trip and enjoy the heartland. At least it’s mostly flat!


    • Pat says:

      Hey you two, driving the BIG BUS to TEXAS??? We will seek wine at every turn, you now that we will! Great to hear from you. Everything okay with Y’ALL????

  6. bill paul says:

    Hi Guys,

    Want to send you a note to wish you good travels. The country side should be a beautiful visual and aromatic sensory experience. The sights and smells of the city and ranches will undoubted be full of memories for years to come. Stay healthy and well!! I’ll be checking in from time to time to check your progress. Have a great trip!!

    Bill & Maxine

    • Pat says:

      Well the smells might be accentuated by the 100 degrees and 90% humidity. However, you know that we’ll report all fairly, smelly, but fairly!!

  7. Jack & Adrienne says:

    Hi Guys,

    Have a great trip. We will be following you all the way on the website. Be safe and we’ll keep a nice bottle of white on the chiller for your return.

    Adrienne & Jack

  8. Darin and Kathy Pressley says:

    Hi, guy’s glad to see you are doing another trip. We will follow as you post. Be safe and have a wonderful time!

    • Pat says:

      Dearest children in Georgia, isn’t this e-age fantastic. REally glad to hear form you. We know that you’re doing GREAT. Stay well and enjoy life. HOw are the boys doing? Love to ALL!!!!

  9. Adrienne & Jack says:

    Love you guys..Were ready to leave with you! Even without bikes!

  10. Have a safe trip, we miss you guys already! I really, really, really, want to see a photo of both of you on bicycles riding alongside an Amish horse drawn buggy….I will keep my fingers crossed for that photo op! Also, are you guys on facebook? Talk to you soon.

    xoxo Sanaa & Tommi

    • Pat says:

      Hey guys, we’re watching for the Amish. Plenty of horses here in Texas. Yes, we are on facebook. Talk soon, thanks for the comment.

  11. Stephanie Haney says:

    Hi Dad and Cat,
    I saw you are published in an article on the Ventura county star today! Hope you are having a great time.


    Love Steph

    • Pat says:

      Steph…Thanks for forwarding the article. WE love it. We left Dallas this morning. It was cooler, even sprinkled a little on us. Stay well, hug the kids.

  12. Michael says:

    Long before the Internet and personal computers giving the opportunity to share with others an adventure such as yours, my female companion and I rode from CA to IL in 1982. Seeing your article in the VC Star brought back quite a few memories. We experienced many of the same bike-life stories you mentioned. I think the most lasting memories, aside from the beauty of our wonderful country, are those of the generosity extended to us by the many people we met along the way. We were offered food, camp sites, showers, and great interpersonal conversations with genuinely interested people of all ages. At the time, I had turned 30 in Idaho and my friend was 27. It was a journey of a lifetime that I/we will never forget. Have fun and happy pedaling!


  13. Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you. Hope you packed a gallon of sunscreen because those farmlands don’t come with shade trees. Barbara’s still having back difficulties so no biking for us. I’ll have to invent a new excuse to drink more Chardonnay. Have a great ride.

    • Pat says:

      Forget the SunScreen, Bill. We may need to get a big trailer for our wine here in Oklahoma. We pulled in to Shawnee late yesterday afternoon. Sunday, no one, that’s NO ONE sells wine on Sunday. Had to drink a couple of 3/2 beers. No substitute for Chardonnay. Buckets of rain, howling wind, lightening and thunder. We’re tucked in to a nice hotel AND we have a couple of bottles of CHAR…..Life is GOOD!!!

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