03 Cycling the Shawnee Trail

Dallas is traffic and as we set off on Preston Ave we were in a swarm of mostly friendly cars. Well, Cat points out that there are more pick-up tucks and RVs than cars. Not much room for bikes on Preston. At one intersection a gal in RV with yapping dog pulled up and offered advice. “Turn left here for about 1/2 mile and take the street that parrallels Preston, this road is too dangerous. We headed off then decided to take the route we know. Once back on Preston we pressed onward then the road widened. Hectic at times but all in all not a bad city ride. We found the Holiday Inn Express, 40 miles from the Bronze Longhorns in just over 4 hours. We’d been told of bronze statues along Preston, these are a couple of examples.

The Test of a Young Brave

Early Texas Surveyor

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