06 In and Out of Sherman, TX.

FRISCO TO SHERMAN…Sorry friends, no real pictures of Sherman, TX. After the ups and downs, cross and head winds then we had a Watson Turkey Burger and found the Comfort Inn. It was Suite, even though we had to ride upstream in “one way” heavy traffic to find it. We began counting ROAD KILL today. (2 Skunks, 3 Possums, a full grown deer and our first Armadillo.)

We stopped at the Sherman Tourist Info Center. A wonderful man there explained that they only had brochures. He kept apologizing for his difficulty speaking. He’d had a fairly severe stroke. It has to be frustraiting.  

As an aside, today is the 8th anniversary or our dear friend Terry’s departure. We e=mailed his wife Judith. Eight years goes by so quickly.

Howdy Partner!

Texas Prairie Thistle

8 Years and WE MISS YOU, STILL!

2 Responses to “06 In and Out of Sherman, TX.”

  1. The big guy with the cowboy hat look familiar…??? Aren’t Armadillo’s weird, they’re kinda like alligators or crocodiles?

  2. Pat says:

    Yup guys, lots of big hats here. MOst of the Armadillos we see are flat and died out. Alligators are the big pieces of shredded truck tires. (That’s what truck drivers call them!)

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