A couple we met at breakfast from Arizona suggested a route. We threw maps aside and set out for a short cut through farm roads. We were sure that we’d get there with less effort. WRONG! We were in heavyt wind from the left and all to often, head on. The rolling hills were severe. After about 7 miles out of the way we stopped at a farm. The farmer assured us that it would save us a few miles to continue on the back roads but we’d lose it by being lost. He wished he had his County Road Map, we might have been able to continue. He urged us to cycled up wind, back to Highway 82. A struggle, then another 15 miles in stiff side wind.

Once we made the turn toward Madill, Oklahoma we caught a tail wind. We had been trying to book a room there. No luck, they are in the midst of their annual “Sand Bass Festival”. Just prior to leaving Texas we stopped Gene’s Hamburgers for a cold drink. A young guy there, Jason, insisted on buying our lemonade. When he told us that he is was from MacAllister, OK Cat mentioned that her friend’s family, the Bass’ live there. He said, Do you know Kendall? I went to High School with her.” Kendall is Cat’s classmate at our fitness club. SHOCK! Small World!

Mixed Jacks

Texas Classics

Bridge Over Lake Texhoma

We crossed the bridge over Lake Texhoma then had to detour right, 4 miles to Kingston, OK.

OK is Native America

Cat Straddles The State Line

 A simple room, no wine, we went to Simple Simon Pizza. The owner, Pam was very understanding, they serve no alcohol but allowed us to open our “Mountain Dew” under the table. She has lived there her entire life and loves it.

TODAY’S ROAD KILL….A cardinal and tortoise…

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  1. Wow…I wan’t to live in a place where everyone drives classic cars!!!

  2. Pat says:

    Yes Sanaa and Tommi, but remember, the drivers are all classics, too!!!

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