02 Kingston to Ada, OK

Breakfast at the Country Kitchen, ham, grits, eggs and Texas Toast. A local seated across asked if we knew about the BLACK PANTHERS? He assured us that they’re out there, imported to cut back the burdgeoning deer population. Though seldom seen, he told of seeing eyes reflected in his headlights two days ago. He urged us to be careful. Well, if a BIG CAT gets us it will feast on a recent C K breakfast.

Cool and cloudy at first, the sun broke through and it was hot on our backs. Bad news, there was no shoulder to ride on. Good news, there was little or no traffic and those that passed gave us plenty of room. Just wonderful, beautiful pastures, cattle, horses and plenty of ups and downs.

Lunch at Joann’s Tin Can Cafe. A cool treat. The varied menu inclued “Bologna Sandwich”. We split a ham sand with fried green beans. Wonderful. A girl, Carrie, stopped to talk. She gave us her name and I told her that my Mother was from near here, her maiden name was Raper. She was shocked, her husband’s mother was Ada Raper. We might be, must be, related.

Knuckles on the Rub Board

Knuckles the Knuckle Head

Cat's got no Tats

More very hot afternoon UPS and DOWNS then finally after 67 miles, ADA. OK. Disappointment, we walked in the heat to WalMart for wine. They don’t sell it? A young girl said, “This is the “Boble Bail’t” lots of folks here protested when WalMart put 3/2 beer on the shelves.”

Another under the table deal. Chili’s allowed us to buy a bottle of our fav, Toasted Head to go. We returned, had another and split a Rib Eye Steak, YUM!

ROAD KILL TODAY…A skunk, 2 snakes, a deer, armadillo and raccoon.

On The Shawnee Trail


Oklahoma Porch Seating



Cattle at the Watering Hole

7 Responses to “02 Kingston to Ada, OK”

  1. Stephanie Haney says:

    Are you sure the roadkill wasn’t from one of “them there Black Panthers”.

    • Pat says:

      Unlucky for the Panthers that slink around in the dark looking for dinner, we are always sippin’ a glass of wine as the sun sets, safe and sound in a Panther Proof Place!!!!!!!! Love Ya Kiddo, So happy to know that The AUB is now a High Schooler. You’re a good Mom!

  2. Jack & Adrienne Woessner says:

    Hi Guys,

    How many time have you heard me say that a good bottle of wine is a great way to finish a long day on a bicycle. What do you mean, “never”. Come to think of it, you’re right. We never spent an entire day on a bike.

    As usual, the weather here has been perfect for bicycling. How could you leave us and go off to bike in an oven? We miss you. Stay safe and we’ll keep a bottle cold for you. White that is.

    Adrienne & Jack

    • Pat says:

      Hey Jack and Adrienne…The offer of a cool Chardonnay is appeciated. The reminder that weather back home is perfect is a tough pill to swallow while wallowing in 98 degrees and 90% humidity. Stay COOL, see ya in August!!

    • Dane Youell says:

      Is this the Jack Woessner I worked with at GE in Phoenix?

  3. I want to try fried green beans too! Bummer about the alcohol!

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