03 Ada to Shawnee, OK

We were tired, we were ready for a day off. Then came the weather reports. Tomorrow evening they say we’ll see lots of rain, lightening and thunder, possiblity of tornados. That did it for Cat. She didn’t want to sit out a few days in Ada. So, we’ll go against all our basic, no cycling more than 3 days, philosophy and ride to Shawnee. Hoping to get in before the down pour.

At breakfast, we met a family from Fresno,CA.  They’re here to meet cousins, sort of a “Roots Search” like mine.

The road was great, plenty of room on the shoulder. The ups and downs were less severe, too. It was still hot, so hot that we stopped often and poured water over our heads. We survived on GatorAde.

The OK Ups and Downs

Shawnee, How We LOVE YA


It was after 4:00 PM when we spotted the Hampton Inn in Shawnee.

It’s Sunday in the Boble Bail’t, friends. They neither sell nor serve liquor (wine) other than 3/2 beer, anywhere. The young man at the front desk, Jamell, suggested the Grand Casino. Indian gaming and they serve alcohol. He thought he could arrange a shuttle. No deal so we tried for a Taxi. Really no deal, $40 round trip. We opted for Garfields and 3/2 Corona’s with lime.

4 Responses to “03 Ada to Shawnee, OK”

  1. Lori Gee says:

    Hey Dad & Cat,

    Must have been torture without wine to end your day! Still cold and rainy in Seattle, can’t wait to get to Hawaii for some sunshine. I am sure you guys would love some cold weather about now! Stay safe and love you both!

    • Pat says:

      Hey Lo and Davey…By now you’re on the beach and we’re huddled down in front of the AC. We did dig out quite a bit of info on Mammy’s youth and my Grandma’s early beginnings here in OK.
      Aloha dear children, hard to believe that you’re half way around the world frim us.

  2. Whats 3/2 Beer mean? Please don’t tell me its diluted or that they’ll only sell you 2 or 3 beers…

    • Pat says:

      Well not being beer drinkers anyway it doesn’t make much sifference to us but to a beer drinker, to have only 3.2 % alcohol is lke drinking yellow water. We are learning how to buy wine in advance and hoard it on board. Espceially on Sundays. (Awe these FREE WILL BAPTISTS!)

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