04 This is NOT my Mother’s Shawnee

Yes my Mom was born into a simple life here in Shawnee. She told stories of picking cotton from a young age. Her father and mother split and divorced (rare in 1920) when she was only 2 years old. We really know little or nothing about her father, my grandfather.

After a fitful night on a bed whose fitted sheet wouldn’t stay fit and several other flaws we decided to change hotels. When Cat told the desk we wanted to cancel our reservation for tonight they asked why. She explained the sheets, the fact that they didn’t honor the discount we’d seen on Internet etc., the manager insisted that we not pay?? Their policy, their loss, our gain.

It didn’t just rain last night, it poured and it was still raining when I went to pick up a rental car. Once at the wheel I toured Shawnee, round and round, trying to get back to the Hampton. I was reading the map wrong. Well Idid get to see most of Shawnee.

More connections thanks to Cat’s friend, Kendall. Her parents have friends, Michael and Leslie here. They’re cyclists. We called and Michael came right over with a bike rack. We loaded the bags into the trunk and bikes on the rack and delivered then to more new, thanks to Kendall, friends. Larry and Barbara own The Bike Shoppe. We dropped the bikes with him for a tune up then went to lunch with Michael and Leslie in a very local, very nice cafe.

Lunch with Michael & Leslie

Our trip to the Potowatami County Court House proved fruitless. They recomended the Newspaper who sent us to the Library for birth records. We did copies of the 1918 Shawnee News on microfilm but it was hard to read and difficult to copy. They all urged us to go to Oklahoma City where County Records had been sent yers ago.

They do have wines here, our favorites are twice the price we usually pay. Hey we’re not complaining, we’re just happy to be able to have a glass. Cat got Chinese to go and we feasted in room. We also called Cat’s parents, Earl and Glenys and wished them a Happy 69th Aniversary. WOW 69 years and still in love after all these years!

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  1. I love the way it rains back there…harder than the wind shield wipers can go…There’s something about being inside during a good ole’ cotton picking storm!!!

    • Pat says:

      Rain is wet. Sweat is wet, being wet is very bad for Cat’s rear end. HOwever as my Chinese friend, Mr. Wang used to say, “It is only water!”

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