08 An Extremists and Terrorists

Terrorists can come from anywhere with their twisted thinking and desire to change the course of events to more suite their evil agenda. The Oklahoma City Memorial is all about those innocents that died when Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols and perhaps others decided that they could gain notoriety for their cause and the ends would justify the means.

The first thing you see when you arrive is a chain link fence with flowers and pictures of the victims. We were drawn to a young woman’s picture and shocked when we saw her name, Julie Marie Welch. Cat’s family name is Welch. That seemed to make this tragic event even more personal.

The Fence of Rememberance

Julie Marie Welch,

The reflecting pool and chairs with victims names are harsh reminders of that moment at 9:03 AM when life ended, abruptly,  for 168 living breathing people. The single most affective display of that moment is near the entry to the Museum. They have an actual audio tape of a meeting being conducted in the building next door when the BLAST occurred. Voices, screams, pandemonium then BOOM, the wall lights up with photos of each of the victims. It’s really hard not to cry.

9:03 AM, The Reflecting Pool

Memorial Chairs, 1 for each fatality

2 Responses to “08 An Extremists and Terrorists”

  1. Joshua D. Spindler says:

    This was just the beginning ofthe horrible things we have gone through, and if we are not careful, there will be more. The poor children died, and they had not even lived yet.
    Cousin Joshua

    • Pat says:

      Dear Cousin…Life springs eternal. Yes, bad people do bad things, sometimes. but mostly the people of the world are peaceful and hopeful. Just like you and I, they just want a good life for themselves and ther families. How are you guys doing?

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