09 Back to Shawnee Friends

Had a Starbucks power meeting with friends MIchael, Lelsie, Larry and Barbara. Barbara has been working hard gathering maps and routes for us. A couple of hours just flew by and Larry had to get back to The Bike Shoppe. Realizing I didn’t have his picture I ran out in time to catch him getting into his Mom’s ’72’ Pontiac LeMans that only has 21,000 miles on it. WOW, old guys and old cars, you gotta love em’.! Took a group pic, hugs and promises of visits then we were off to The Bike Shoppe to pick up our steeds.

Low Mileage Mom's LeMans

Michael, Leslie and BarbaraLarry Back in His Element

Larry in his Element

The bikes were clean and tuned. Larry loves his shoppe and he loves working on bicycles. A great guy and he did a great job on on bikes.

Thanks to Michael we still had his bike rack and were able to haul them back to the hotel and load em’ up. We’re ready to roll.

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