10 Shawnee to Bristow, 67 HOT MILES

June 18…Early breakfast, rental car returned and we were cycling in 80 degree weather by 9:00 AM. It feel good to be back on the road. We somehow missed the Moccasin Trail that Barbara had recommended. By the time we stopped and asked we were already 4 miles beyond it. So, we just dead headed on, in to Prague. (Pronounced Pray-gue here) It’s the home of Famous Athlete, Jim Thorpe. Younger ones may not know the name but he was a fantastic all around athlete. He won Gold in the Olympics but when his manager boasted that he had played a baseball game and was paid $15, he was disqualified.

A Soft Drink Sonic Stop

Prague Mural

Jim Thorpe, All American, Native American

It was blazing HOT when we rolled in to Stroud. We found The Rock Cafe, air conditioning, a great sandwich and an order of Fried Green Tomatoes. Yum!  We had taken an oath not to ride more than 50 miles and we’d just rolled past that. There is a Motel here. We savored the Green Tomatoes and asked how far to Bristow. The guy next to us said, “It’s about 10 to 15 miles.” Cat said, “Hope it’s closer to 10!” 

Rolling our of town we shuddered when we saw the sign, “Bristow, 17 miles.” Cat pushed, we pedaled onward into the HOT afternoon SUN. Melting, we pulled into a Service Station Cafe in Depew. We’d just poured our GatorAde over ice and got seated when a big man, tall and thick, came in and said, “Man when I was in college I rode my bike everywhere.” Then he pulled his arms around like all guys do, into the chest flex and said, “Too bad I didn’t keep it up!”

As he and his wife, _________ were leaving he instructed the cashier to charge him for our GatorAde and ice. We objected, he insisted. Don’t argue with a guy twice your size. What nice people. He had been taking care of his Grandmother and Mother, they have both recently passed away. He’s saddened but relieved at the same time. Easy to understand.

Mighty Muddy River

Oklahoma Wine?

Reflecting on Route 66

Bristow, at Last!

Finally at 3:30 PM we found Bristow. It was slightly disappointing to find that the only Motel is just outside town on the north. It is fairly basic but we were in dire need of AC. The gal there suggested we could get Pizza delivered. Luckily we had wine. After the full day of heat we were ready for early sleep.

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  1. janine says:

    hello cousins….hope everything is going great!! i was in ada oklahoma the end of may for a week…I hope your having a blast!!! when you coming to wyoming again? I miss ya hope to hear from you your cousin janine

    • Pat says:

      WOW, Janine…Some days here on the prairie seem like Wyoming. Hard to believe that it’s been 8 years since we cycled through Lusk, WY and into your lives. SAy hi to your Grandma and Dad for us. Love Pat & Cat

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