11 Bristow to Tulsa

Up early and ready to get this leg of the journey behind us, we decided to to cycle back in and have breakfast at the Big Mac. Damn, I had a flat tire, rear tire, too boot. So, while I fixed Cat rode to Big Mac and brought back breakfast. The only good thing about this flat, I was able to fix it in the air conditioned room. We finally hit the road at 8:30.

I was starving, we stipped for dirnks and I had a fish sandwich. Cat passed thinking we were almost finished. The road had been fairly good and flat and we were enjoying the sights of old Highway 66. Then we found that the only way to cross the Arkansas River was to get on Hwy 44. Wow, small shoulderof the road that was full of junk. Cars and trucks flashing past without a care for a couple of sweaty cyclists.

Cat, The Pole Cat


Gettin' Our Kicks!

An Official Welcome to Tulsa!

 Pedalling hard, we came upon a Tulsa Police Car, lights twirling. He had a car stopped and the driver was inide his car in the passenger seat. We pulled up to the window, he rolled it down. I tried to ask if it was okay to cycle on the Turnpike but he interupted, “Get on your bicycle and ride!” I tried again but he just said, “I said RIDE, get going, goodbye!” then he rolled up the window. WOW, Welcome to TULSA! 

The Arkansas River

Riding across the bridge was tight. Traffic was thick, fast and uncaring or unseeing two crazy people on bikes. The good news, we got down off and onto the Riverside Bike Path. A few miles of comfort, well, plenty of heat but comfort when compared. Then off to the east on 31st Street and into HOT ups and downs and traffic.

Riverside Bike Path

Lost, we picked up a cyclist who led us and informed us. Chris is a College Professor who has been car free for 10 years. He travels only onhis bike and public transportation. He led us along the right lane and said, “It took us years but  bicycles now have the right to ride side by side, traffic has to move left to pass. It’s safer for cyclist but you will run into a Bubba or two that don’ like it. He led us almost to our hotel.

Our friendly Comfort Suites Hotel gave us a ride to the airport to rent a car. (All city rental offices closed at noon.) First stop, the Wine Store. (They don’t allow alcohol sales here on Sundays.) We wanted a genuine Oklahoma Steak dinner. The desk clerk recommended Jamel’s Steak House, local and great. We used his directions, drove back and forth thengave up and ate at LoneStar. It’s a national chain and we’ve eaten in two others. You know, our steak was perfect! Perfect ending to an otherwise up and down day!

8 Responses to “11 Bristow to Tulsa”

  1. Every time we cross the states, Wayne wants to stop at a steakhouse, but the timing is always wrong. Hope you enjoyed it !! We had a lovely ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail today. Amber attracted all the attention.

    Good riding to you.

    • Pat says:

      Well, the steakhouse was just a national chain but the steak was rare and wonderful. Thanks for the comment. Glad Amber is still enjoying the RIDE.
      Love from Pat & Cat for the 3 of you!!

  2. Wayne says:

    Love the new web page! Ride safe and enjoy!

    Hugs to you both,


  3. Colleen & Jim says:

    How do you like our beautiful weather in the Midwest?
    if you don’t like it, just wait 10 minutes!
    Looking forward to seeing you in Spirit Lake.
    We’ll keep the light on for ya…

    • Pat says:

      Some like it HOT, some like it COLD, YUP you guys do get em’ both. We too are looking forward to sitting on the shore of your lake!

  4. Adrienne & Jack says:

    Hi Ya-all,

    The video of Cat was great. You look terrific. It got all the way up to 71 here today. We were roasting. You missed a great annual party. Adrienne out did herself again. I’m going to post some of the pictures on the website so be on the lookout. By the way, the video projector was a big hit. Thank you so much.

    Stay well – love,
    A & J

    • Pat says:

      Hey don’t brag, we’re in a big “COOL DOWN” here, too. Will hover in the high 80s, low 90s this week. We’re going to stretch and push to get to KAnsas City bythe weekend. So glad the presentation went well, you guys work so hard for us. So what else id NEW, Adrienne always OUT DOES HER SELF and most of the time that’s a GOOD THING!!

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