13 Okie’ From Muskogee

A call to brother Bob led us to believe that 3rd cousin Boyce had died and his son, Hershel still worked at US Borax in California. Disappointed I decided to try for Betty, Boyce’s wife and Hershel’s mom. Voila, Boyce and Betty were on YellowPages.com. Expecting to hear only Betty’s voice I was shocked to hear Boyce answer. The news of his death was definitely premature. So, we were off to Antlers, OK, way south of Tulsa. Since we were going that way we called and connected with Cat’s friend, Kendall’s Mom, Becki in McAlster. She invited us to join her for lunch.

Passing through Muskogee we enjoyed a moment of Country Music History. Merle Haggard was born near here and made the place famous with his song, “I’m Proud to be an Okie from Muskogee”.


Just an Okie form Muskogee

Cowboy with Bull Dog

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