18 Backtracking & Another Strange Encounter

 Cat is the most understanding person I’ve ever met. After thinking about long lost grandfather Melvin I wanted to drive halfway back across Oklahoma to visit the Cemetery at Maud, his home town. We, Cat mostly, drove to Seminole, OK. Checked in to a Motel then went searching for the Cemetery. We found Maud and stopped at a Service Station/Cafe. Inside there was no clerk only 3 locals sitting, talking. One said, “What y’all need?” I told them we were looking for the Cemetery. They gave directions to Cumming’s Cemetery then one asked, “Who’s your relative?” When I told them it was Melvin Raper he said, “Y’ know, my grandma was a Raper, her name was Caledonia.” I said, “My God man, we’re cousins!” Geez! Another STRANGE ENCOUNTER WITH THE PAST!


Cousin Kenneth

Cousin Kenneth told us that he thought my grandpa Melvin had been hit by a car while walking across the road to get his mail. At the cemetery the sun was hot and chiggers bit our legs but we walked through every row of stones. Alas, not Melvin but we dd find the stones of his parents, my Great Grandmother, Mary J. Raper, May 7, 1847 – February 1, 1909 and Grandfather, Joseph A. Raper, 1842 – 1909. Not the result we’d hoped for but a worthwhile result.

Cumming's Cemetery


Mary J. Raper

Joseph A. Raper

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  1. Hey Pat,

    What fun to find your roots.
    I think you mean 1909 not 1990 for Mary’s death. Just a typo.

    Enjoy !!

    And HAPPY 4th OF JULY.

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