19 Tulsa and a Final Attempt

A little more searching then we were off to Tulsa. We did a little test drive of Historic Route 66, our chosen route out of town and on toward Missouri. I spent time trying to contact the Newspaper and TV Station to see if they could help in our search for Melvin. No response. I also called all 15 Rapers listed in the telephone directory. My Uncle Roland had lived here but had only 3 daughters. Two of the calls were answered. Joe felt they had no Melvin or any of the others. Diane was excited and checked her research then called back and said, “We don’t think we’re related or at least closely related but we’ll keep searching.” Nice people trying to help.

I had tried to find info on my Mother after 1920 but ran into a blank wall. Then my Sister Joan said, “Try Portrey, they used that name after Grandma married Grandpa Portrey.” Voila, There they were. Each of my Mother’s sisters and brothers in clucing step brothers Clyde and Glen are listed and her twin bro & sis, Boyce and Joyce were 3 years old.


Portrey Family 1930

 Interesting, Grandpa Portrey changed all the birth places form Indian Territory to Oklahoma. How could he do that? He was the Census Taker in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1930. Nice handwriting, huh?

Here are a few details I’ve garnered. Melvin B. Raper was probably sent to McAlister State Penetentury. Grandma divorced him in the ealry 1920s. She had 5 children. They were scattered among relatives. Somehow, somewhere she met a fellow, Pence Irvin Portrey. He had 2 sons, Clyde and Glen. They combined families and soon had a son, Tulsa Rosco. He died soon after birth. In 1926 they had twins, Joyce and Boyce. Later, in 1932 they had Glora Dean, my aunt who conspires to details unkown to me. What a difficult life Grandma had, 9 children born, 2 died and she helped raise Grandpa’s 2. WOW.     


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