20 On De Road Again! Tulsa to Claremore

Finally, June 25 and we’re back at it. Out early, we cycled through local residential neighborhoods to beat the traffic. Then on to 31st and into moderate traffic. A left at the county line then past the HUGE Hard Rock Cafe.Casino. Then it was Historic Route 66 and onward to Claremore. The route is bicycle friendly.

Once Busy Riverfront

Double Arch Bridge

Classic Mail Box

Iconic Blue Whale

4 Responses to “20 On De Road Again! Tulsa to Claremore”

  1. Melanie Mets says:

    Hi Pat & Cat,

    Thanks for sending me your email, I didn’t know you were on another trip but it sounds like it’s been interesting so far and you have lots of adventures ahead of you. I will follow along, I love your postings-always full of great stories!

    Have fun & be safe!

    • Pat says:

      Thanks Melanie…We are having a great time, had a lovely ride today, 65 mies in 80 degrees with a slight tail wind. Doesn’t get muc better than that. We’ll be in Kansas City by the weekend.

  2. Sheila says:

    Sounds like you’re having a great trek…….love all the stories. See you soon in Sioux City for RAGBRAI. I’ve had a little setback, but I’ll be ready to go on July 24th 🙂 Be safe!

    • Pat says:

      SET BACK? What’s up with that? Yes we are doing great. Meeting lots of interesting folks, even riding a few miles. We rode 65 + = today. Very good weather and a light tail wind. We’re in Nevada, MO and will be in Kansas City in a couple of days. Great to hear from you. See you guys in Sioux City!!!

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