23 TBC, The Talleyrand Bike Club

We are so glad that we’re officially entered in the RAGBRAI. We owe that to Dr. Lee and Farmer John. We have been meeting several of the current members via e-mail and look forward to being part of this TEAM that has participated in 38 RAGBRAI rides across Iowa. We have our official Talleyrand cycling jerseys and wear them with PRIDE! On the front they have a map of Iowa with a star on Wellman, Iowa. It’s a small town in the south east corner of the state. We’ve heard that the name, Talleyrand, was derived from the name of a popular (maybe the only) bar in Wellman, Iowa.

There is a quote from Lord Talleyrand (1754 – 1838) on the Iowa map as he holds his bicycle, “Infamy in this World and Damnation in the Next!” We had to love that but the best is printed above the 3 pockets that some members have said are to hold their pork chops. It says, “Bar to Bar is Plenty Far.”

We say, “What’s Not to Like About THAT???”    

True Talleyrander's

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  1. Cathy (AKA "Mrs. JF") says:

    Hi, Pat and Cat! I started reading your blog today and am enjoying it. Looking forward to meeting you, probably Thursday of Ragbrai. I won’t be on the ride, but will show up mid-week. It will be here before we know it!

    P.S. Cat, love your hair!

    • Pat says:

      Hi Cath
      We’re getting syched up. Been a long 1,000 miles getting here. Well not quite there yet. We’ll be in Omaha tomorrow and spend a few days. Then cycle to Sioux City. A few days off at a lake with friends then…..OFF WE GO!!! See you there. Pat & Cat

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