22 Will Roger’s Claremore, OK

There are lots of things around town that point out the fact that this is Will Rogers country. We cycled UP to the Will Rogers Museum. Heat and hills mean sweat and fatigue. The best of it was their air conditioning. We tried to find Oklahoma stickers. NO luck but they did have Historic Route 66 stickers, they now adorn our bikes. Strange, I remember Will Rogers as though he was part of my young years. Maybe it’s because my parents liked his homespun political humor. He died in a plane crash with Wiley Post, another familiar name, in 1935, 4 years before I was born.

Will & Pat


Never Met a Man I Didn't LIke

This Museum is really a must see if you’re curious about Will Rogers and his life. The man who said, “Everything I Know I Read in the Newspapers.” And, my favorite, “I don’t belong to an organized Political Party, I’m a Democrat!”

2 Responses to “22 Will Roger’s Claremore, OK”

  1. Bill and Norma says:

    A few people piss me off – not like our friend Will, but I subscribe to his philosophy as best I know how. You both are right down Will’s alley, thus you’re really richer than those who have more money. BTW I’m tickled to know I’m older than you, Pat, by a year. Who’s counting, you say? Good for you to have a youngster for a partner. More wishes for a grand time the rest of your trek. Yeah! pedal power…………

    • Pat says:

      We never met a man or woman we didn’t like. Some we liked a lot more than others. And, honestly we do avoid some that appear to be difficult to like. A person I learned a lot from said, “It’s easy to like those easy to like but those not so easy to like need friends more than the others.” Some, like you and Norma we love. About age, we are less than a year apart older brother!!! See you before you head north!!!

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