25 The Old Route 66 Mall in Chelsea

In Chelsea one must make a stop at the old Route 66 Mall. They have a collection of Route 66 trivia surpassed only by the hge collection of antiques, rare junk and collectibles. Kenny and Dwayne were intrigued by our rare form of travel. We had to sign their wall on the California map and they insisted that we MUST take the little side trip to see the original Route 66 bridge just a mile down the road. Both the mall and bridge were well worthwhile!

Old Route 66 Mall

Kenny and Dwayne

Old Historic Bridge

4 Responses to “25 The Old Route 66 Mall in Chelsea”

  1. My family traveled Route 66 in 1950 in an old Woody ford station wagon. We camped along the road —————– no tents.

    • Pat says:

      We’d trade both bikes for a FORD WOODY WAGON in today’s market. Bet that was as big an adventure as cycling. We are currently camped on the 20th floor of the Hotel Phillips in KC, MO. RATE HAS IT’S PRIVILEGES!!

  2. We drove from Los Angeles to Boston, MA. Enjoy. We now have another great grandchild —————– Aiden Richard Sturges, born July 3rd at 9:00 PM. Mother, father and baby boy are all doing great.

    • Pat says:

      Congratulations to two of the youngest GREAT GRAND PARENTS we know!! Kids and baby doing well? How’s the weather on the Cape? Raining here in Kansas City, thanks to hurricane Alex. They say rain all week? We will slog onward in a couple of days. RAGBRAI OR BUST!!

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