27 A Downpour and Mike from VTA

We pulled in to Afton, OK for a cold drink. As we stood sipping a guy in a pickup truck pulled up. He jumped out and said, “You must be the Pedaling Patterson’s?” We thought he’d heard of us? NO, he  saw our name on the bags and just added “The Pedalin'”. We are sometimes called that. As we laughed about that he asked where we were from. WOW, another of those strange moments, Mike used to live on Pierpont Beach near our home there. We were just getting acquainted as the clouds burst. The skys parted and buckets of rain began to fall. We stood under the awning in awe, thinking we were either stuck there or we’d be riding wet. Mike laughed and said, “One thing about the weather here, if you don’t like it stick around, it’ll soon change.” And, he was right, within 20 minutes it had stopped. He drove away waving, we waited until the street dried a bit and we were on the road, again.

Mike from Ventura

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