08 Onward, Ever Onward

July 1, 2010 and we’re rollin’ again. A sort of backtrack over to then down Main Street. We got out early so traffic wasn’t too bad. Main Street is so Middle America. Old brick buildings flags and flowers.¬†Fireworks are legal and there sems to be a stand on every¬†corner.

Joplin, Main Street USA

Black Cat & Cat

2 Responses to “08 Onward, Ever Onward”

  1. garnett says:

    Keep peddling dudes ….. you be the only people I know who will have ridden RAGBRAI in BOTH directions. You guys are my hero’s!

    See you in 11 days!

    garnett aka hubie

    • Pat says:

      Get your indellible pen ready to christen us “Virgins”? We’re in Omaha tonight and for a few days. Had a GREAT CORN FED BEEF STEAK TONIGHT. Gotta stay healthy to keep up with youse guys.

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