12 Countryside & Construction

Damn, another flat tire! Just as we were starting out of the driveway I realized the rear tire (of course) was flat. As I turned back a family came out the door. The two boys were pretty interested. They asked where we came from. Cat told them our story then asked where they were from. Hastings Minnesota, wow that’s the city Cat’s dad was born and raised in. We chatted, they know Russ and Lisa, Cat’s cousins. Another small world encounter.

The good news, we’re only going about 30 miles, in to Overland Park, MO today. The ride is countryside and beautiful. The heat is down but the humidity is way up. There was a few miles of construction. The detour would have taken us Lord know where? So we rode inside the barriers then back down an ON RAMP just being completed. After a tough push through the mess we were on the road, again. We made a wine stop at WalMart and were in to our new friends place by 1:00 Pm. 

Old Barn & Hay

Wind Knocked out of it

In the Zone, Construction

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