13 New Friends, The Orange County Connection

Our Realtor DaughterLori, in Orange, introduced us to Pat & Jane on e-mail and telephone. We rolled up to their door in the early afternoon. Jane was there to greet us, Pat was working out in his club’s swimming Pool. Jane instantly welcomed us with snacks. We sat on the deck overlooking their beautiful property eating and getting acquainted.

Pat came in and joined us. We mentioned that we need to find a bike shop. He insisted that we use their car while he showers. We found the place and bought inner tubes, gloves and upscale shorts for Cat. We learned that her seat is a little to wide for her rear. We decided to replace it when we get back home.

Back at Pat & Jane’s, we met neighbors for wine then expanded the plan to include dinner at Jack Stack’s Barbecue. The place was packed with an hour and a half wait. They opted for take out. We really enjoyed getting to know new friends along with Ribs, Yum!  

New Friends, Wine & Food

Ribs To Go

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