19 Independence MO

There’s actually more to Independence than just Harry Truman. Not a lot more, but more. For instance, the jail. The most famous or infamous¬†resident was Frank James, of the famous James Brothers Gang. He and Jesse robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Frank was accused of murder, arrested and ensconced in the old jail. He sort of lived the life of Riley while there. Friends carpeted the cell. He hated jailhouse food so his wife cooked and brought his meals to him. The even allowed him to leave the cell and escorted him down the street to buy cigars. Pretty cushy incarceration. Then after a year he was acquitted and released.¬†

KC Skyline

Oregon Trail

The Oregon trail passed through Independence and is commemorated. Though the trail head was St. Louis, MO the most popular departure place was right here in Independendence. And, there are some beautiful old homes linng the walking trail and marked with placques. You can also see the KC skyline from here.

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