20 Harry’s Hometown

Clinton's Drug Store

You start the walking tour at Clinton’s Drug Store where young Harry Truman held his first job, Soda Jerk. Across the street is the County Court House where Judge Harry sat on the bench for more than 8 years. By the way, he had only a high school education but was blessed with mid-western values. Politics next led to his election as US Senator from Missouri. After 10 years he was chosen to become President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Vice President. He was thrust into the Presidency upon FDR’s death on April 12, 1945. He oversaw the end of war in Europe, authorized the A-Bomb and accepted the Japanese surrender during his first 6 months. Later the Korean War and dismissal of Gen. MacArthur.(Reminiscent of today and Gen. McChystal?)


Harry's Courthouse

In fact Harry withstood the same kind of avalanche of negativity we see today yet pulled off an upset victory or Thomas Dewey when re-elected in 1948. That is personal to me, I was only 9 years old when Harry came to town in Spokane, WAshington on his “Whilstle Stop Tour”. A neighbor took me to see him. My parents were among his dissentors. My die hard Republican Grandfather Patterson wouldn’t talk to anyone for 3 weeks after Harry defeated Dewey.

 The tour of Harry and Bess Truman’s home was insightful, too. The only house he ever owned and that only after the death of his mother-in-law. Amazing story of how such a normal guy could become Presdient of the USA. Our Guide, Horton (Seen at the bottom of the photo) knew so many interesting tidbits that seemed to bring Harry, Bess and their daughter Margaret back to life.

Truman House

The Truman Home




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