23 Following Lewis & Clark

The L & C Trail

The markers tell us that we’re following in the boat and foot tracks of the 1804 Lewis & Clark expedition. So rural here that we had to pick our way through a dirt and rock road for more than 3 miles. Very scenic. We found and at least for the moment, saved a little turtle from being samshed into road kill. A larger one had also ventured out onto the pavement? Perhaps to sun himself? He measered 10 inches across and was heavy. When I lifted him water gushed from inside his shell. We felt like such naturalists.


Rusty Relics


Stone Home

SAving a LIfe

3 Responses to “23 Following Lewis & Clark”

  1. Pat Herson says:

    Hi you adventurers! Ron and I rescued five turtles when we were camping across the Ozarks – seems it is a game among the drivers there to try and hit them – animal cruelty! Loved the singing while crossing the “wide Missouri”.

    • Pat says:

      Hi Pat great to her from you. As slow movin’ creatures our selves we made sure that we missed those slow movin’ creatures. We must connect when we get back to CA.

  2. Jack Woessner says:

    What does a turtle sound like when you tickle its tummy? Also, Cat looks to good to have paddled 1,000 miles. Are you sure this wasn’t a trip on a bus.

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