26 Buffalo Soldiers

We cycled through town and back out to the Highway for a visit to Fort Leavenworth. It’s an historical Fort established by the US Army in 1827. It’s the oldest active Army Post west of the Mississippi. Our  main interest was to see the Monument to the 9th and 10th CavalryRegiment, The Buffalo Soldiers. 

We rode up to the gate. They were checking cars and trucks, looking inside and using mirrors to check the undersides. The woman guard came to us and said, “You’re pretty loaded up. Maybe I should check your vehicles, too?” She laughed and said, “You have to ride on the sidewalks.” Then she gave us direction to the monument. 

It’s a huge and wonderful memorial to some good soldiers. It was dedicated by another good soldier, Retired General, Chair of the Joint Chiefs and Secretary of State, Colin Powell. 

See the entire story at  http://www.buffalosoldiers-lawtonftsill.org/history.htm 

Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldier

The 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiment remained made up of all black soldiers until President Harry Truman gave the order to integrate the Armed Foces in 1952.

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