32 Off to Auburn, Nebraska, 52 Miles

Decided to get an early start so Breakfast at Mickey D’s. Yikes, another flat, my rear wheel, of course. Change of plan, I changed the tube while Cat went to MacDonald’s. In a hurry I got the tire on backward, DAMN! Had to do it twice. Breakfast with grease under my fingernails.

Cat got road advice from a local who rides a recumbent. We backtracked a little then jumped on Hwy 36 west for about 8 miles then north on Hwy 75 and in to our 6Th state, Nebraska. Pulled up looking for cold drinks in a tiny town. Asked at the Post Office and learned that there’s not a cafe, store or service station here. The Post Mistress pointed to a machine. We had a very cold cola, she allowed Cat illegal use of the toilet and we rode on. Very nice woman, she apoligized for the lack of services. She’s from Colorado and misses it.

Old Buggy


Cow Barn

Farm on Pond

Cat 'n' Corn

Statea # Seven

In spite of the flat beginning we made good time. Had a sandwich at 1:30 then found the Arbor Manor. It’s a beautiful old house that houses a good restaurant. The rooms are a latter day addition motel. They had rain delayed 4Th fireworks behind our room at the high school followed by natures own display of lightening and thunder through the night.

Arbor House



2 Responses to “32 Off to Auburn, Nebraska, 52 Miles”

  1. Irv Schwalm says:

    Met Cat at Mickey D’s (Pat busy across street fixing flat) for an interesting short visit. Was fasinated with this and previous rides. I was the local riding a recumbent. Cat gave me your card with website listed so am now a fan and following your reports. I did the Ragbri several years ago and know that you are going to have a fun experience.
    Ride safe!
    Irv S.

    • Pat says:

      Thanks Irv, we love to add new friends to our life list. Keep your wheels spinnin’. When yo get to California give us a shout, we’ll take a ride up coast.

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