33 Nebraska City

A short ride under threatening gray skies. Early out and early in. We chose to stop after Cat watched the weather report before breakfast. The skies remained ominous looking as we rode the lighter hills. We were in Nebraska City by11:00 AM. The Best Western is at the southern edge of town. We cycled past it, found that WalMart was just next door. It’s a mile into the old town and no restaurants nearby.

After a quick reconnoitre we rolled back to the BW. Nice place. Cat worked on reservations in Sioux City on the Biz Center computer. I tried to get this Blog caught up. Wine and salad from WalMart, Pizza delivered by God Father’s.

WalMart Wine Cart

2 Responses to “33 Nebraska City”

  1. Roberto says:

    very easy compared to the Andes in the interior of Bolivia.
    Congratulations for another wonderful adventure.
    Cruz Alta – RS

    • Pat says:

      Roberto…Great to hear from you. We just finished our ride to Sioux City yesterday. A good day a difficult, hilly ride. Today it is storming. Weather here is as volitale as yours in Brazil. Thank you for staying in touch.. Pat & Cat

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