34 Plattsmouth in the Rain

Ridin' in Rain


It looked like rain, Cat hedged our bet. It’s 50 miles to Omaha but there’s a town, Plattsmouth just 20 miles up Hwy 75. Still in hills but do-able. It began to drizzle then the drops got bigger and after a short time we were in steady rain. Passing trucks and cars sprayed us, too. We began to prune out.


Court House

In to Plattsmouth in time for lunch at Mom’s Cafe. Good food and we met 3 guys there from an excavation company. They were all interested in our stories. The owner as it turns out, Daryl, told us about an event, “Jazz on the Green” in Omaha on Thursday. He’s also going to see Lyle Lovette tonight.

Cat called and confirmed the room at The Palmele House B&B and got directions. We decided to ride down to the River Landing only to find that the Missouri River had changed course and it was 4 miles upstream now. Very steep hills riding up to the B&B. Carroll, the owner, had us pull up onto her big porch. She provided rags to wipe the bikes and bags down with. We lashed the bikes to a porch swing and stashed the bags inside.

Palmele House

We jumped into the shower while Carroll dried our soggy cycling cloths. Spent the afternoon chatting with another couple, Jack & Wendy, from Redwood City, California. They’re searching roots and found that a relative of hers built the Palmele House and a cousin had lived in it. Nice old place built in 1905.

Another couple, Frank and Sherry are career Army. Stationed at Leavenworth, he is deploying for the 6Th time to Iraq next week. So this is like a little honeymoon for them. She too is Army. Their eldest son is now in the Army and headed to South Korea. The other is in college. He is deploying to the middle east again soon. This is a True Army Family! Sherry told us about the Bicycling Buffalo Soldiers.

Another Godfather evening for us. Too far and weather too unstable to walk into town.

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