36 Exploring Omaha



Get off the bikes for a day so why not take a LONG WALK in the heat? It was cooler but the sun still scorches. Found the Toutist Info center and a great guy, Dennis. Retired Attorney and knows lots about Omaha. Been living here 66 years, a lifetime. He pointed us down the trail toward the Pedestrian Bridge and Lewis and Clark Center. Walking is a terrific way to get acquainted with a city. 



Tree Lined


On the bridge we could stand with one foot in Nebraska and the other in Iowa. At the L & C Center we ran into a gal, Anne, that we’d seen at the Hotel. She’s from Milwaukee, takes her vacations visiting Zoos and she says they have a good one here. The center has 

Leahy Mall


Pedestrain Bridge


a wall map outlining the L & C  Expedition. We’ve been cycling the Trail for days.   

2 State Stride


L & C Expedition


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  1. Jackie "Miami Pie" says:

    you MUST visit the city’s musuem – formerly the Union Railroad Station – especially if you love Deco architecture. We stopped in on the way to RAGBRAI last summer. There is also the Winter Encampment north of town is you want to learn more about Mormons.

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