40 Cat Counsels & Old Market

Dr. Cat & Gary

One of our favorite features at the Magnolia is Happy Hour. The wine flows freely as does conviviality. Cat overheard a guy telling the Bartender his troubles and couldn’t help but apply her Degree in Counseling skills. Gary is here working a fairly new job. His wife also has a career and remained back home in Philly. Gary resided in the Magnolia for 1 1/2 months then took an apartment. He comes every evening for Happy Hour. He and Cat became a fixture at the end of the bar. Free advice as we say, “It’s worth what you’re paying for it!”

 The Old Market area is just 3 blocks down the street. A wonderful collection of restored old brick buildings with restaurants and shopping. We walked down every night for dinner. Mounted Police, horse drawn carriages, brick streets sort of reminded us of New Orleans.

Mounted Police

Old Market


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