41 Leaving Home, Boy’s Home


Leaving Magnolia

After 4 nights and 3 full days of Luxury it really was like leaving home, leaving the Magnolia and its Air Conditioning behind. Omaha is another of those proof of hills in Nebraska places. We got away by 8:30, it was already 88 degrees and the air was thick. The TV Weather had warned us that the heat index would hit 109 and it turned out that they were right. We ran into a group, at least 100,cyclists on an out and back ride. They waved, gave us thumbs ups and warnings, “Drink plenty of liquids.”

Fr Flannigan's

Who of us hasn’t bought the Christmas Stamps from Father Flanagan’s Boys Town? On a strong uphill pull we saw the result of those donations.




Once we broke into countryside the road was flat, the air think and hot. It’s a little over 100 miles to Sioux City. Too much for one day and there’s only one potential stop over, Tehamah. On the out skirts of town Cat began to melt down. We stopped under a tree but moved on when the bugs began to bite.  Another stop,sit in the sun and pour water over her head then we rode directly to the Tehamah Motel. It’s old and small but adequate, we got the bikes crammed in then walked back to the Dairy King for lunch.

The D K was a magnet for locals. One couple sat in the corner holding court as others came and went, ice cream cones in hand. He is the Tekamah Building Inspector, she works for an attorney, they’ve both lived here, all their lives. Fun for us to listen to the patter and joking among lifelong friends. His brother lives in Ojai, CA, our favorite bike ride back home.

The cook and order taker are mother and daughter. Mom is constantly scolding  daughter to do more and do it better. Using a wet rag, mom began wiping a table top then sang out “Look at this, you call this clean? This looks like shit, why can’t I get you to do things right?” ( A generational teaching technique that my mother used to use.)

Spent the afternoon lounging and recouping. Cat talked with the family about a place for dinnr and Gemma, the wife, insisted on driving us to Rumors Lounge and Restaurant. Another immersion into local life. The bar was a hang out for half a dozen regulars sippin’ beers. The Restaurant filled in with families, Grandparent to young kids. Our waitress was cute but knew nothing about wine. She had the barmaid come out to serve us. Turns out she’s 18 and in Nebraska you must be 19 or older to serve alcohol. She’s been working here since age 14. Wine from CA in splits and wonderful steaks topped off an otherwise tough day. 


Courthouse Courthouse


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  1. Really enjoy your blog. My wife and I have been commuting back and forth to Columbus, Ne., to watch her grandson play baseball. Columbus is on the Platte river about 75 miles. Plenty of corn.

    Enjoy Iowa.

    • Pat says:

      Boy you aren’t wrong there. Plenty of corn and soy beans and wonderful people. We’ve completed two days of RAGBRAI. The toughest part is finding food and tent camping. It is actually a test of indurance.

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