42 Tehamah toward Iowa


Tehamah Family

Lightening lite up the sky and our room through the cracks between the vertical blinds. Then the thunder, each clap felt like it would shake the roof down on us. Most dogs handle thunder better than the Cat does. She fears lightening, part of the reason why we hit the local weather reports at the crack of dawn. It died down slowly about 3:00 AM. Mornings light came streaming through the blinds, the sky was full of white clouds. Our friendly and helpful family, Mouconna from Ethiopia, his wife Gemma from Mexico City and their two girls posed for a photo then gave us a friendly send-off. Thankfully, it was much cooler this morning.

Breakfast plans at Subway were dashed, it was closed. Sunday morning in a small town, what to do? Hint, there are a dozen pickup trucks clustered around The City Bus Stop Cafe. The place reeks of local history. Probably been dishin’ out eggs, bacon and biscuits for 3 or 4 generations. It was all old guys clustered around the few big tables, save two women who left as we entered. They and all seated gave us the once over then settled back in to their usual, normal, typical conversations. (Weather, road and farm conditions and of course memories.)

The cook is a looker, perhaps in her late 30s. The waitress is young, maybe 16 and dressed in very short cut off Levis. She does get attention from all the old guys as she passes the coffee pot from cup to cup. Then when she took our order she went ot the window and called the cook, “Mom”. Another generational team. 



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