Anne & Fam

Larry and Sheila, friends from Ventura,  called, we went down and voila, there were Anne, husband Ray and sons, Ben and Nolan, they’re from Colorado. Anne is the daughter of Lee, the guy that got us into The Talleyrand Bike Club. The hard core Talleyranders are camping tonight in Branson, 15 miles out of town. Due to that, Anne and Ray have become are our personal SAG WAGON. They picked up our gear and will transport it to the campsite.  They did have time to walk the Expo, see A MIllion Spokes and get to the wheel dipping ceremony before heading for Talleyrand’s #1 camp. 

Terri and Tom will join us for dinner at Luciano’s Italian Rest. Also, just heard from Larry and Sheila from Ventura. They are coming over and we’ll all dine together. She Is riding, he will have to sit this one out due to severe diverticulitis. They have really had a string of bad luck. She has a torn Achilles tendon.

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