06 RAGBRAI Day 4

RAGBRAI Route Day 4


Blown Tent

Tough night last night, dissension in the camp due to heat and wind. Then a flap over buying wine. We appeared to be prima donnas to some of the other members. Those who know us know that that actually may be true when it comes to wine! Rode in the back of a pickup into town with 7 others, that was fun. Tried to find a restaurant, to no avail. One actually let us stand in line then as we neared the door they shouted out, “We’re out of food, we’re closed.” There are lots of food vendors but they all have long lines. After standing in the sun to buy you also have to stand in the sun or sit on the curb in it while eating. When 24,000 people hit town at the same time on the same day these little towns are overwhelmed.


Comande & Corp

It was so hot that we slept fitfully, with the rain fly pulled back, on top our sleep sacks. At 2:00 AM the sound and light started. Lightening, thunder then wind and rain. Our tent hasn’t been used in 6 years. If I’d paid attention in Boy Scouts we’d have been prepared. The rain poured in, we picked up and ran for the host house. Everything was soaked. Cat slept on the couch and I took the recliner. By 5:00 the camp began to stir. We threw our wet things into the dryer and hung the tent on the fence. At 6:30 John the Camp Commander and his military comrades lined up for a picture then set off. We were last out of camp, again. What a difference a day makes! 



Mr PC's Chops

The clouds kept the sun at bay, it was cool and most of the wind and the other riders were friendly. We really enjoyed the day. Even stopped at Mr. Pork Chop’s and split a chop. Fantastic! Even had a Root Beer Float for dessert.

P & C & Mr PC


The clouds kept the sun at bay, it was cool and the wind and the other riders were friendly. We really enjoyed the day. Even stopped at Mr. Pork Chop and split a chop. Fantastic! Even had a Root Beer Float for dessert. The 50 mile ride seemed to just fly by.

We were captivated by a man who has invented and created works of art from junk. 



We rolled in the the Floyd County Fair grounds, our camp, at 12:30 PM. Nothing like a good day to turn things around. Choices, sleep in a large air conditioned room with 2 other teams or, the tent. We decided on tent after Weatherman Bill confirmed, “No rain tonight!” We showered then sat around telling tall tales with the others. Really a fun afternoon.

Leland's Clan



12 Responses to “06 RAGBRAI Day 4”

  1. Jackie "Miami Pie" says:

    Please post the photos of all military veterans. As a Talleyrander not riding this year, I appreciate the pix of my buds.

    PS – was that actually Lowen in yesterday’s early group photo?

  2. earl n welch says:

    Hi! Well, you are experiencing the things that come with riding
    with 20,000 cyclists.

    Jeff&Mikee came for dinner today. We enjoyed a short visit with them

    All is well. We send our love


    • Pat says:

      Pat says:
      July 28, 2010 at 5:36 pm (Edit)
      We really are enjoying this but tomorrow we ride 82 miles. Joy to some pain to others

  3. Mary L. VanDerLee says:

    A 75 year old Granny…enjoying ever post…wish I could be riding along !!

    • Pat & Cat says:

      Mary, You sound VERY YOUNG AT HEART. Don’t let a number like 75 slow you down. At 70 I find my cycling and exercise is different than it was 10 or 15 years ago. Okay — adjust. Are you exercising?
      Stay healthy and happy—Pat & Cat

  4. Colleen & Jim says:

    Please tell us which towns you are in everyday.
    Don’t like the weather? Just wait 10 minutes…

  5. Bill Pyles says:

    That ride looks like a blast! You guys really have it figured out!

    • Pat says:

      Well Bill we did CRASH AND BURN at the half way point today. Cold and getting colder, windy and the temp was dropping. Cat got into a hyperthermia mode. Firemen wrapped her in their big coats. She’s okay ut we missed half of the day 6 ride. Will make it to the Mississippi River tomorrow.

  6. Erv Mellema says:

    Todd Cooper who you met in Parkersburg today is a freind and he sent me an email about you and your web page. He thought I would like it. I have. I have rode today a well. We just got back from a 3 week trip in Europe last night but wanted to ride today. You guys are very adventurous. I am too but not quite to your degree. You might enjoy waht I write about as well. http://www.ervmellema.blogspot.com Keep enjoying life.

    erv mellema

    • Pat says:


      Thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to viewing your journal. Can you send via e-mail at WorldRiders2@yahoo.com? That way we can just click and go to it.
      Where are you living when not cycling? We live in Ventura, CA.

      Pat & Cat

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