06 RAGBRAI Day 5

RAGBRAI Route Day 5

Our earliest start ever, out the door by 6:44 AM.Today’s ride is the longest, ended up 92 miles. This will be the shortest Blog on the longest ride since day one. It was definitely the heart of the heartland with unlimited sky, landscape horizon to horizon and if viewed from above, a strip of asphalt with shadows of bicycle rider that seen from above must look like Minnows swimming up stream. We did ride past a crash that may have been life threatening. Then Cat was almost involved when a girl in a hurry yelling “On your left” hooked another wheel and down they went. Don’t know the outcome of that one but tonight the TV. He was air lifted out to Mayo Clinic and he’s in critical condition. 

Don’t mean to make it sound boring, it never is. We’re just getting used to the scenery and becoming  accustomed to the lay of the land. Finding food, standing in line for it and toilets. We have started not looking for food that sounds good but rather food with the shortest lines. This was the longest ride of our 7 days of endurance. Due to the location of our host families home we get to ride an extra 10 miles today, WOW, 92 miles! 


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  1. earl n welch says:

    Hi, We have been wondering what happened? Haven*t heard from you for awhile. I wondered how safe it is to ride among so many riders . Thank God
    you guys are professionals!!

    All is well here . The time goes very fast, even though we do very little.
    Your trip will soon come to an end.How long do you think it willm take
    to get to Hastings?

    We send our love


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