12 A Million Spokes

We were fortunate to have attended the Premier of the film “A Million Spokes” while in Sioux City, Iowa just 2 days before kicking off our RAGBRAI ride. It is more than just a bicycling film, it’s people stories.  For us the RAGBRAI was a Bucket List, once in a lifetime event. RAGBRAI has a lot of elements rolled into a bike ride but the most interesting has to be the riders. We wondered, why do so many return year after year. True it’s a huge physical challenge and perhaps The Working Man’s Tour de France but is it cult worthy? For many, it seems to be. For instance, our fearless leader of The Talleyrand Bike Club, Farmer John, takes great pride in the fact that he has gone Missouri River to Mississippi River 26 times. As he puts it, “Every day, all the way!” Take a look at the trailer for “A Million Spokes” you might even join the cult? 


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