09 RAGBRAI Day 7

WOW, what a day. 47 miles, lots of hills including 8/10 of a mile 19% grade that we took in stride! Started with a team photo at 7:00 AM then off we went.

It’s now 11:09 PM, 7/1/10, and I’m too tired to do this tonight. You won’t believe how this all ended and moved into the next dimension. We’re in Minneapolis, MN thanks to Corey and Todd. PS….This week was a very tough test!!!!!!!!!!!! More about that tomorrow, too. Good night Dear Friends!!!

Well, it’s a day later, 9:30 PM, 8/1/10 and I’m back at it. Day 7 started with a team photo in the street then we set off like a herd of turtles at 7:00 PM. This is the first day that we left as a team. A beautiful day, beautiful scenery and a great day for a bike ride. When we passed a Hog Farm Cat insisted on a picture. I had to duck and dodge through the steady stream of cycles. It was all ups and downs, we were on a hill when I shot the pigs. (So to speak.)


Corn Fed Hogs

   The scenery today becomes more hills and dales. This day is second only to day one in terms of feet of climb. The weather was cool and clear to start but heated up as we approached the infamous “Potter’s Hill”. The road tilts up at a 19 percent grade forcing more than 70% of riders to push. We were among that group. The climb is 8/10 of a mile and each 1/10 is marked. Cat made it almost half way, I stood and pedaled a bit more than caved in. 

Corn & Bikes

Pushing Potters

At the top we were rewarded by the Tom’s Turkey Stand. One of the food vendors that sets up daily alnog the route. Part of the reward was that the line was short, perhaps due to our early arrival at 9:30 AM. We shared a smoked turkey leg, can’t begin to describe how good it was. We talked about getting a smoker when we get back home. 

Turkey Leg


Last Bite


More hills but nothing like “Potter’s” that we dubbed “Walker’s Hill”! You could feel a certain excitement among the cyclists as we entered Dubuque. The city limit was deseptive and there were still plenty of city hills to climb in the final 4 miles.

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  1. Hubie says:

    Cat & Pat,

    What a pleasure to have been with the two of you for the last 7 days! Yes you were strangers in the beginning but are now true Talleyranders. Even though the first day was the worse for verticle climb at 3687 ft you have to admit it was spread out over69 miles. Now that last day climb up Potter’s Hill at 19% grade is one climb I never want to experience again! How about you?

    I trust your experience was a good one despite the Holy Tent and the Military style showers! The two of you are true troopers, learned quickly, tollerated well and did really fit into the group. I truly hope our paths cross again!


    • Pat says:

      Hubie, SIR
      This was one of the best weeks of our lives. Oh sure we whined about the lines to get food and TOILETS but over all, the BEST! RAGBRAI is a true test of endurance and tolerance. We loved it!! And in great part the best was because of you and the others. Our paths will cross again, let’s make sure of that!
      Shiver and Sleep #, over and out!!!!!
      PS Did you watch the STOMBAUGH Video???

      • Hubie says:

        Yes I did but you should have been in the VFW Lodge when we landed at 0830 HRS and didn’t depart until 1200, playing the Devil Dog’s favorite socializing game! They even let this Squid participate. The beach head was established before the food was ready and the beer out of the cooler but they couldn’t keep us down for long. FJ “stamped” several young lasses much to the amazement of their spouces …. not to mention FJ.

        RAGBRAI and TALLEYRAND is about friendships which begin, endure and become legends. You and Cat are now part of that commradery!

  2. Bob Kastigar says:

    How does that Potter’s Hill climb compare against the hill that’s closer to your neighborhood – Leggett Hill, along Hwy 1?

    I climbed (OK, walked most of the way) that hill once a few years ago.

  3. Ron Kirby says:

    Will be glad to have you home. Got lots of Dem & GOP stuff waiting for you.

  4. Laurel H. Yost says:

    Happy to hear you survived RAGBRAI. I’ll be anxious to hear of your next adventures. Blessings…….Laurel Yost, Scarville, Iowa

    • Pat says:

      Thanks Laurel, we’re still coming down from the HIGH of RAGBRAI! We’ll begin the thought process about future, soon. Stay in touch. P & C


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