02 Duddleston Days


Jim's Bus

Friends in need, in deed. Well we walked around Sioux City, that doesn’t take long. Then we took the bus to WalMart, that was a treat of a trip. Very good system, we now believe that everyone should have to take public transportation at least once a week. Those who use it daily are folks you’d only meet on the bus. Many know each other, bus friendships. And, the tickets are very inexpensive.

Our friends, Jim and Colleen invited us to visit them at their place on The Great Spirit Lake. We tried to find any transportation to get there. When we called them Jim said, “The only transportation from Sioux City is ME! I’ll drive in and pick you up. Wow, now that’s friendship, it’s 1 1/2 hours in then 11/2 back. We took him to lunch but that’s small compensation.


Beautiful Hqme

They have a wonderful place right on the lake with boat dock. Jim was planning on his famous Barbque then the skys opened and buckets of rain came pouring down. We all thought the steaks would be broiled inside but the storm passed quickly. We relaxed, Jim cooked on the Que then the weather had calmed and the sun shone through. Since the sun doesn’t set until 9:00 PM they took us for a cruise on their boat. Really nice, cool and relaxing. What a beautiful place.

On day two, Jim and I went to lunch with his Rotary Club. In the afternoon we Jim got his Land Yacht (1969 Cadillac) out. We drove around and surveyed the storm damage then drove to Lake Okoboji for a cruise on the

Rotary Club

Queen II. Another lovely way to relax and learn about the lakes. They were formed eons ago by the Wisconsin Glaciers. Spirit lake is shallow, only 22 feet deep however Okoboji West is very deep, one area drops off to 125 feet. There is a small Amusement Park that reminds me of my childhood in Spokane Washington. In fact when I was a kid we often went to Liberty Lake and would swim and play all day. Great place, great memories.  We dined lakeside at Rebos. (That’s sober spelled backward.) After dining we took in the Theatre, a play called Company performed by the Drama Class from Stevens College. Interesting. It began to rain again on the way back home.

Day three, a day of rest. It rained almost all night long. Colleen was up and out early, an appointment with their attorney regarding some construction defects during their addition and rehab. We lounged around again then in the afternoon Jim took us for a cruise completely around Great Spirit. We saw a lot more storm damage, trees down and furniture thrown around. The weather is so changeable, almost moment to moment. We had a beautiful afternoon going so we went to the Barefoot Beach Bar, Dinner of appetizers and the joy of watching kids doing Karaoke.

Land Yacht


Lake Yacht



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01 Three States and The Expressway


Iowa, at Last!

We cycled past South Sioux City and were preparing to celebrate when we realized, South Sioux City is still in Nebraska. Then with anticipation building we rode by Dakota City and found that we had escaped Nebraska but were now in South Dakota? At last, long last, in the middle of the bridge over muddy waters, mighty Mo, the Missouri River, we were under the sign welcoming us to Iowa. Our self supported days were coming to an end. We were on the verge of completing our RAGBRAI or BUST journey. Before we swooped down onto Highway 29, the express way into Sioux City we stopped for a singing celebration. 

Finally Sioux City

Sioux City

We rolled down The US 29 Expressway ducking and dodging at each on and off ramp. Once into Sioux City it all came quite easily. The signs guided us right into Historic 4th Street and up to the door of the Clarion Hotel. No bands or fanfare no whoopla or faldoral, just us. As I began to set the little tri-pod up for a final photo a sort of homeles looking guy, Kenneth, walked up. We asked him to be our photographer. He was very happy to be part of our history. Yes, that’s the picture on the left. He did a good job AND we now have a new friend in Sioux City, Iowa.

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