01 Three States and The Expressway


Iowa, at Last!

We cycled past South Sioux City and were preparing to celebrate when we realized, South Sioux City is still in Nebraska. Then with anticipation building we rode by Dakota City and found that we had escaped Nebraska but were now in South Dakota? At last, long last, in the middle of the bridge over muddy waters, mighty Mo, the Missouri River, we were under the sign welcoming us to Iowa. Our self supported days were coming to an end. We were on the verge of completing our RAGBRAI or BUST journey. Before we swooped down onto Highway 29, the express way into Sioux City we stopped for a singing celebration. 

Finally Sioux City

Sioux City

We rolled down The US 29 Expressway ducking and dodging at each on and off ramp. Once into Sioux City it all came quite easily. The signs guided us right into Historic 4th Street and up to the door of the Clarion Hotel. No bands or fanfare no whoopla or faldoral, just us. As I began to set the little tri-pod up for a final photo a sort of homeles looking guy, Kenneth, walked up. We asked him to be our photographer. He was very happy to be part of our history. Yes, that’s the picture on the left. He did a good job AND we now have a new friend in Sioux City, Iowa.

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