44 There’s Injuns in Them Thar Hills


Omaha Originals

The weather remains cool but the road began to pitch upward at the boundary of the Omaha Indian Reservation. We stopped at the Dollar Store but they had no sandwiches. Cat asked about a restaurant and they sent us toward, Homer. Just around the corner we found a service station store with sandwiches. Cat said, “Why do poeple do that? Send you 6 miles when there’s food so close?”  I reminded her that we’d asked for a cafe. You gotta be specific!



Long Time Locals

The hills began immediately before the sandwiches had settled in. Another example of how flat it’s not here. The last long pull was straight and steep.  At the summit we pulled off the road to a Scenic Overlook. Inside the gazebo we spotted a young girl lying on top of a young guy. We thought they were making a papoose? The girl glanced up then began pulling away from the embrace and started trying to get her man to his feet. Our image of love making was shattered, he had to lean on her to walk. Obviously he’d had too much Saturday night.

Mountainous Nebraska Winnebago

We could see the Missouri River through the trees winding it’s way through the valley it has created over eons. Beyond the summit wasn’t all down hill but the ups were slighter and the downs faster and longer.  Finally on the flats we entered the Winnebago Reservation and saw our first buffalo of the trip. Hard to imagine that just 140 years ago the plains were covered with the beasts.

Buffalo Roam

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