12 A Million Spokes

We were fortunate to have attended the Premier of the film “A Million Spokes” while in Sioux City, Iowa just 2 days before kicking off our RAGBRAI ride. It is more than just a bicycling film, it’s people stories.  For us the RAGBRAI was a Bucket List, once in a lifetime event. RAGBRAI has a lot of elements rolled into a bike ride but the most interesting has to be the riders. We wondered, why do so many return year after year. True it’s a huge physical challenge and perhaps The Working Man’s Tour de France but is it cult worthy? For many, it seems to be. For instance, our fearless leader of The Talleyrand Bike Club, Farmer John, takes great pride in the fact that he has gone Missouri River to Mississippi River 26 times. As he puts it, “Every day, all the way!” Take a look at the trailer for “A Million Spokes” you might even join the cult? 


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11 RAGBRAI, Team Talleyrand

This page is a salute to new friends, the members of Team Talleyrand.  

Team Talleyrand

Ray & Anne



Leland at 80

Jolly Jackie

Team Talleyranders

FJ, Cat & Donnie

Bridget, Dave, Claire

Lanny et al

Jim, Mark & Mookie

Bill & Jim

Day 4 Clutter


Hubie Dan FJ Doc NSSK Jerry



    An Interview with Farmer John, Talleyrand Bike club’s     Leader!

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10 RAGBRAI Day 7 – Part 2

Lots of ups and downs through residential neighborhoods. Then almost like a mirage, downtown Dubuque and the Mississippi river. As the feelings of elation grew the sense of a huge experience coming to an end began to set in. Hard to believe it’s only been 7 days. At this moment it feels like we’ve been here in Iowa a lifetime. And yet, it seems like only yesterday that we set off from Dallas on our RAGBRAI or BUST Heartland Tour 2 months ago.                                                                               

Dubuque Below

Big Welcome

The street down is steep, we were flying. As we hit the level plain to the river a voice called out, “Pat, Cat”. It was Tom, Terri’s husband. He feels that she’s about 20 minutes behind us. She rode without bags today and made great time. We hoped to see her when we dip wheels in the Mighty Mississippi. We stopped for a picture and a fellow among the crowd on the side of the street insisted on taking one with us in it. Bad idea, he’d had a little too much to drink and couldn’t grasp the concept of the camera. At least he didn’t lose his grasp on it.

Riding down main street made us feel like celebrities. Everyone was clapping and yelling out words of praise. We found our team, Farmer John was trying to hold everyone there to make a triumphant entry but the group was disintegrating. Everyone was anxious to get to the river. He gave up so we rolled onward through the adulation and to the crowd, our final line we thought, waiting their chance to slip a wheel into the Big Muddy.


The dipping spot is on a narrow launching ramp. Though thick the crowd was friendly and courteous. After slowly shuffling down and those trying to get back up after their dip, it was finally our turn. We took a photo of the group next to us then they did the same for us. Then like fish struggling upstream, rather than the minnows we’d been for 7 days while streaming down the asphalt ribbon,  we wiggled our way back up the slope.Then another line as we began the process packing our faithful steeds. That, dear friends is another story in it’s self! Check the first chapter of our return, Iowa-Minnesota-California.  

Finish Line

Dippin Wheels

Wheel Dippers


This is not the END, just the beginning of another ADVENTURE!

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