03 Dr. George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver

Tired but not drained from the 65 mile ride we opted to rent a car the next morning and keep moving. This is grass country but you won’t find any growing under our feet. The sign said, “George Washington Carver National Monument”. All we could remember about him was that he invented peanut butter.

We spent a very interesting and informative couple of hours there. Born into slavery and taught to read and write by a black woman because blacks weren’t allowed to go to school. At age 11 he moved to a town where he could go to school, an all black school. He attended University at an integrated school in Iowa. Then went on to a Professorship at Tuskegee in Alabama. Yes he did invent peanut butter but it was in the process of teaching farmers about rotating crops. Cotton had completely depleted the soils. He became a wold renowned Botanist. He even appeared before the US Congress.


His Mother’s master, Moses Carver, wasn’t a wealthy farmer? He paid $700 for her. We assume he bought her for breeding? He expected to fetch a good price for G. W. but that damned Civil War thing runied the slaves trade.

Carver on Virtue

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02 Zap, Kaboom, Welcome to Joplin

Riding in to Joplin we were greeted by one of those Storm Cells that they talk about so much on the weather reports here. Our second downpour of the day, we ducked into a service station and under their canopy.Unlike the earlier deluge in Afton, this one was accompanied by bright flashes of lightening and ear splitting thunder claps.

Old Route 66 took a left turn, we went straight on 7th street. It was afternoon rush hour. Traffic was thick and in a hurry to get home. We asked a guy how far it was to Range Line Road and didn’t believe him when he said, “Range Line’s bout 5 miles that’a way.” We rode off in the direction he’d pointed. He was close, it was about 3 1/2 then on Range Line another 3 1/2 in tough traffic. We were really happy to finally see the Comfort Inn sign.

Cat in Shelter


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01 In To Missouri

A sign alerted us to the change but little else changed. It remained hot and humid but felt good to have entered our 3rd state of this journey.

In To Missiouri

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