10 The Murder of JFK

We can see the Texas Book Depository from our room here at the Hotel Lawrence. A short walk and we were in the building that is now a museum. It’s all so familiar, the same black and white pictures the same conjured up feelings of CONSPIRACY? Could this have just happened? Could one guy have been able to get a rifle, find the window on the 6th floor and get off three well placed shots in quick succession?

The Grassy Knoll

The Texas School Book Depository

The single most interesting thing we learned was how the extreme right wing was so down on President Kennedy. If you fast forward to today you can see the same kinds of hateful things being said about President Obama. As though some of us haven’t learned anything from the loss of a President in this brutal manner. The main difference, then and now, this flyer and the full page add that President Kennedy’s opponents published thousands of them. Today talk shows and the Internet send off this kind of vitriol wholesale, by the millions. Doesn’t it look shamefully familiar? Haven’t you seen e-mails that look like this with President Obama pictured with a Hitler mustache or the Communist Hammer & Sickle?

Like Ronald Reagan, we believe that the Presidency is more than just one man. It is the foundation of our Democracy. Thre was an attempt on President Reagan’s life but nothing as organized around political hatred. We feel that once elected a President shold be allowed to choose the directions our country takes. That’s why they got the majority of votes, RIGHT? To UNELECT a President with a bullet is so THIRD WORLD. This is AMERICA, this shouldn’t happen, don’t you agree?

We may not all agree with a President’s decisions but we should always agree that the President is THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF!

Our President, WAnted For Treason?

 Seems like the SHOOTER, Lee Harvey Oswald was a Communist sympathizer? Married to a Russian girl?? So why would he shoot a Communist??? That is if you believe the flier and the article in the Dallas News?? ??                           Still smells fishy especially when wrapped in old Dallas Newspapers, doesn’t it??? 

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  1. Wow, so deep and yet still so true! Did you visit the “grassy knoll” as well? I always hear about the grassy knoll in all of those conspiracy documentaries, and wonder to myself, “how could something so innocent as a grassy knoll, get such a bad wrap”?

    My Mother has talked a lot about how impactful the assasination of JFK was on her generation, I can’t imagine the rage I would feel if that happened in this day and age…God forbid!!!

    Personally I am proud of my communist roots…lol, just kidding. But really, aren’t communists nice people that believe in sharing? What’s the big deal anyway???

  2. Pat says:

    Yes, I was already in my 20s. I really either didn’t know or had forgotten about the way the Conservative Right lashed out at JFK. That flyer reminded me of the nasty stuff that the same extremists are spreading today. (ie: Glenn Beck) He is fanning the same flames that got JFK murdered.
    And, you’re right, those awwful Commies believed in equality and brotherhood. They went too far in that direction. AS several Russians hav said to me, “It was a good experiment that failed.)

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