11 Ron the Semi Homeless Philosopher

Another benefit for old guys, like me, is that along with $2.00 fare they provide special seating.

Special Seating for Special People!

 While waiting for the train Cat struck up a conversation with Ron, a guy who has that dark, been in the sun too much complexion with sun bleached hair and mustache. As the train pulled in he assisted a woman lift the baby stroller aboard. Once we were seated he joined us and told wonderful stories. He lives on his VA benefits and visits with veterans who are sick or wounded. He was what he called a “Hollywood Navy Seal”. His service was all peace time. He’d had a troubled childhood, shuttled through 18 Foster Homes so the Navy gave him a life. He was married and had a daughter. Crashed his car and lost both of them. Lost his way, became angry, joined the Hells Angels and led a less than an exemplary life. Anger and bad deeds led to 5 prison terms. He’s just 50 and quite a handsome guy with the exception of his missing teeth. He told of living with 2 beautiful women then said, “That was back before I lost my GRILL! His stories held us spellbound for the entire hour trip. He became emotional to the point of tears when telling of the death of his mother. We wanted to get his picture but when the train lurched to a stop he jumped off and ran away. He waved and said something about getting to his Vets.

Okay, whether all was truth or not almost didn’t matter. I suggested that he whould write his stories down, they’d make a great book whether FACT OR FICTION!

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  1. Kristina and Wayne says:

    Hey Guys,

    Good pedaling to you both.

    We’re in Cape Cod, “supervising” my uncle’s house repair. Haven’t been on the bikes yet, but haven’t taken walks down to the beach and through the sand dunes. The house should be finished and furnished by the end of the month.

    Where were the pictures from the last two entries?

    ENJOY !!!!!

    • Pat says:

      WOW, Great to hear from our favorite cycling tourists. We’re in Shawnee, OK and wishing we had your weather here. It’s been HOT and HUMID. We bit the bullet due to weather report and pushed for 5 straight days to get here before the BIG STORMS. And, they were big. The people have been great. Traffic pretty good, too. Sorry about the Pics, we’re working on that as we type. Chec the site tomorrow.
      Love You guys!!!!!!!!!!!! Pat & Cat

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