16 New Cousins and Hershel

More family talk and photo albums. Boyce’s Sister Carole and husband Dooley joined us. She remembers lots of details but little about Melvin. Hershel arrived about noon. We reminisced about his days at Jiminny Market. He started sweeping the floors then sorting bottle returns and bagging groceries. He is already retired from Law Enforcement. He and his wife Jan live in Riverdale, California. He’s here to help Boyce and Betty drive back out for a vacation and to convince them to move back, buy a mobile home and live on his 10 acres. Hersh and Jan have twin boys age 34 and they have kids that want to get to know their Grandma and Grandpa. Sound like it’s becoming a plan?

Hershel & Pat

Boyce invited Carole and Dooley and his brother, Sid and sis-in-law to lunch at Pruett’s Grocery Store. Family operated it reminded us of Jiminny Market in Boron. They had a counter with salad and cooked food. We truly enjoyed watching, listening and talking with them. Great family fun with a GREAT FAMILY! 

Cousins, Cousins, Cousins

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