02 The Beach Cottage

We moved into The Cottage in August, ’09’. It had been a rental since Pat bought it way back in ’75’. He’s kinda sorry that he was such a slum lord. And, he’s kinda sorry that he borrowed against it but that’s where some of the WorldRiders2 cycling money has come from. We scrubbed, painted, carpeted and gardened. It was an amazing transition. It’s in Ventura, right on the Coastal Bike Trail. Our idea is to do house exchanging. We’ve had two great experiences, one for a 6,000 sq ft Villa in Arizona and another for a lake house at Nacimiento, near Paso Robles and the WINE COUNTRY.
Now we’ve added a new dimension, we offered it as a vacation rental. Marc, Deb and 1 year old Bess will move in as we head out then Bill, Jeanine and their boys will take over in July. The house deserves nice families AND the rent money comes in handy, too.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Gonna miss you guys!! Have a great trip!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Keep in touch..Let me know when you’re in Arkansas.I’ll have the family meet you..

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