05 Exploring Pat’s Roots

A little more exploring in Shawnee then we set off for Center, OK birthplace of my Granmother, Rebecca Bell Yell, in 1895. Probably one of the most surprising discoveries was that there aren’t any Cotton Fields here? The rolling hills are green and dotted with trees and grazing cattle. We do know that Grandma’s mother died soon after giving birth to her second child, Great Aunt Gertie. We found the Center Cemetary down a dusty dirt road but no sign of Great Grandmother or Grandfather, Henry Yell.

Driving back we chose to go north through Seminole. (A car sure does give us options.) Along the road we passed a car then up the road a young guy, Kevin, walking. We stopped and offered him a ride. Nice young guy, lives in Shawnee now training for management with MacDonald’s in Seminole. He’s a product of modern Shawnee. High School grad and 2 years college. We enjoyed talking and we got him to work on time.

Potowatomie Court House, Shawnee


Old Shawnee Railroad Station

Center Cemetary

Kevin at the BIG MAC

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  1. I finally got a chance to catch-up on yur travels. Great pics, and I love the videos. You know that you can get the motors in Oklahoma City !!

    Good riding.

    • Pat says:

      Our two fav cyclists, how you doing on the Cape? Is Wayne having a wonderful Father’s day? Glad you like the pics and videos… About them there MOJOs, we could have used them on our tow almost 70 mile days. Don’t know whether they would have held up any better than we…in this heat. 98 degrees/90% humidity.
      Stay COOL on the CAPE!! LOve Pat & Cat

  2. Bushnell says:

    Phew. Glad you didn’t answer the telephone with, “I thought you were dead.” It was difficult to figure out when the automobile came into the picture nor how long it will be there. I’m sure you will catch us up. I gues Armadillo Chilli is not on the menu. Enjoy the journey – it really is about the journey.

    • Pat says:

      Hey Bush…. We reinted to drive south for a FAM Meeting. It was great. No real break throughs regarding my Grandfather. He was a Bootlegger, spent time in prison. Unusual for a divorce in 1923. Never herd much more about him. 1/2 Cherokee, like me he probably couldn’t hold his liquor??? Thanks for the great comment.

  3. Mike Weston says:


    Hello Pat and Cat……glad to see you burning up the road at such a pace.. Very cool website and blog….. Makes for great reading.

    I’m moving bact to Port H. July 11thl usingold phone number.

    Let’s get together when you return from mappingt more of the world.



    • Pat says:

      Thanks, as usual Miguel, great to hear from you. Will we be permanent ndighbors?? Can’t wait to tip a glass dear friend.

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