04 RAGBRAI Day 2

RAGBRAI Route Day 2

Monday, July 26, 2009, 79 miles.  Last night I stayed up late after wine and did the Blog. Oops, forgot the Memory Stick was in the computer, Packed it up and sent it down the road.  So, no  video today. I did have the large camera so will be able to post a couple of pics. This is a video from yesterday but it personifies the party atmosphere.



Sleeping in a tent adds to the dramatic possibilities. Our mattresses both leaked so we ended up on the hard ground. It was easy to get up early. However by the time we got the tent down and stowed everyone had already left camp. We had a couple of bananas and a cup of coffee then were off. A few city streets then WOW, back into the steady stream of never ending cyclists. The road is flat and the wind was with us when headed north. Veering east we handled a healthy side wind. Pedaling hard, we saw Terri coming back up from the corn patch from doing we can only guess. So many go between the rows taht I have started saying, “Don’t eat yellow corn”!

RAGBRAI is a test of endurance. This is only day 2 with 5 to go. We feel like we’re flying along then realize that so many are passing us. “On your left” is the call of the day as they whiz past. We stopped and ate a tasty Chicken Burrito in a park. Our criteria, the shortest line. Tried to call Terri and Sheila to join us but no phone service.

We were in our finish town, Algona before 3:00 PM. First order of business, set the tent then wine then get in line for the showers. (The tent went up much easier, practice makes perfect.) And, somehow Cat came up with a borrowed blowup mattress. Heaven. (Rain is predicted tonight, OH JOY!


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Mr Pork Chop


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8 Responses to “04 RAGBRAI Day 2”

  1. Bob Kastigar says:

    It’s gotta be a lot better than your experience in Central America, or even your experience of climbing over the trees on the Elroy-Sparta trail when you met with me and my granddaughter in Wisconsin so long ago!

    Keep the wind at your back and the rubber side down.

    • Pat says:

      Hey Bob we remember you well. Great to hear form you. Still cycling we assume? It’s hot here, we have comleted 3 days, 4 to go. I’ve begun calling this the working mans Tour de France. You get speed, countryside, adverse conditions but it’s only a week then you’re back to work.

  2. Rob and Suong says:

    I feel like I am traveling with you.
    Great stuff

  3. Mary L. VanDerLee says:

    What an adverture !! I’m a 75 year young widow sitting on sideline…cheering you two on !!!

  4. Laurel H. Yost says:

    Great trip you are having through out wonderful state. I feel like I am with you, and am definitely cheering you on in spirit. More safe travels to you!

  5. earl n welch says:

    WHOOP DE DO!! You guys are having the time of your life again!

    All is well here


    • Pat says:

      Rained on last night. We now call our tent the Sunday tent, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY! Rain poured in. WE made a move to the basement of the house we were camped at. Worked out okay, all wet things dryed in dryer. Today was a wonderful cycling day. Good roads and favorable winds. We even had a Pork Chop, not JUST a pork chop but a Mr. Pork ChOOOOOP pork chop. GREAT! 4 days done, 3 to go. THisis really a test of endurance! Love you guys, P & C

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